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Back next week.

Haven’t forgotten. I’ve just started a brand new project so it’s derailed me a little. Should be back on track for next Monday. till then enjoy. Advertisements

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ADSR or how I learned to love the transient

Before we dive further into the world of synthesis I’ve decided to spend this week writing a post on volume envelopes and try to breakdown the one of the fundamental building blocks of sound manipulation. The ADSR curve is a … Continue reading

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Loops and the Art of the One Shot.

Loops and One Shot… one you’ve probably heard of, the other maybe be not. Loops – simply put, are samples where the start and the end of the audio connect almost seamlessly. One Shot Looped – Originally to combat CPU … Continue reading

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Tune Glue and 3 unconvential ways to find new music.

One of my earliest memories was me being caught by my mother at age 3 in the early hours of the morning watching the all night music video channel and eating rice bubble drowning in sugar. Now, 20 something years … Continue reading

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Noise Generators: stress and distraction… plus some synthesis

Who hasn’t felt stressed recently? Between trying to spend time writing music, rehearsing, trying to book gigs, collecting new tunes, researching ways to improve your craft. You also have to fit in family, friends, jobs and recreation. Normally you go … Continue reading

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