Noise Generators: stress and distraction… plus some synthesis

Who hasn’t felt stressed recently?

Between trying to spend time writing music, rehearsing, trying to book gigs, collecting new tunes, researching ways to improve your craft. You also have to fit in family, friends, jobs and recreation.

Normally you go home and listen to some music and unwind. But now music has become a stimulate for you…

“Did that hook work?”

“that bridge falls flats…”

“I think the slap-back echo killed the vibe.”

“This is too long.”

For me the process of writing, researching and relaxing all would normally be accompanied by music. Now though, I just use a noise generator. In fact, I just use this one.

It’s awesome, it comes in three colours.

White Noise: White noise contains equal amounts of energy in all frequency ranges.  This is the stuff you use to hear on the TV when the reception was out. So for some though, this is going to be a quite harsh.

White Noise

White Noise: Harsh for some

Pink Noise: Pink noise is equal amount of energy per musical octave. Which mean on the ears it’s going to be less harsh than white noise.

Pink Noise

Pink Noise: Look at the change in high frequent content.

Brown Noise: 6db reduction per octave. And is the softest of these three. More than likely it’s going to remind you of rain or a waterfall.

Brown Noise

Brown Noise: Low frequency information = Waterfall

Plus some Synthesis

All three are use extensive within synthesis and we are going to look at how to put them into practice in the future but for now just understand they are used for tonal shaping (adding additional harmonic information to a sound), classic percussive sounds. (909 anyone?) and fx’s (sweeps, risers etc.)

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