Chopping Records and the Creative Process.

I’ve always been fascinated with people’s creative process. I find it inspiring to watch others work, to make things. It’s often equal parts daunting, inspiring and eye-opening.

Learning from others can be a great way to get out of a musical rut and might be just the thing you need to jump off to your next creativity insight.

These videos should provide a bit of inspiration.

  • Are you using sample packs? Is it time to go record hunting?
  • Do you work alone? Maybe it’s time to collaborate…
  • Are you doing things the same way???
  • Don’t you think it’s time to try something different?

Record Shopping

Secondhand Sureshots from Sanchir Enkhbayar on Vimeo.


Check out Skrillex and the Doors working together plus two of my favorite artists: Pretty lights and Crystal Method:

What new stuff have you been trying out?


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