I grew up on the internet. I got my first internet connection when I was 11, it was dial up and it was slow. I also grew up in a small town. This ment that things like hip hop, electronic music and recording were basically non-existent . Had it not been for the internet, I don’t thing I ever would have discovered these things.

After years of learning about these things by following tutorials and trial and error. I started to find while the amount people getting into music production increased the advice about what to do, got worse. It was half baked, confusing and often generic advice. “just compress the snare”, “carve out space” etc.

That sort of stuff doesn’t help anyone.

So that brings me here. I wanted to sit down and take the time. Cut through the noise and try to make it simple and actionable. That way once you internalize the concepts you can apply them to any situation.

And hopefully it can be a place where I can share my love of digital music with other like minded people.

Enjoy, Subscribe and Share.






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