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Subtractive Synthesis 103 – Modulation and what is an LFO?

Following from the first two post in the series (Part 1 and Part 2) we are going to learn how to turn your synthesizer sounds into fire breathing animals from the future. So what is Modulation? So far we’ve used … Continue reading

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History of the 303…

Fantastic little documentary about 303 and it’s impact on modern culture. Stay tuned, Share and Subscribe Braydon

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Subtractive Synthesis 102 – Filter and ADSR

Welcome back…for those of you who don’t know, this is part 2 of our intro into subtractive synthesis. If you missed the beginning go here now. In the last post, we covered a little about subtractive synthesis and we started … Continue reading

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Tone generation and Subtractive Synthesis 101

Last post we cover the ADSR envelope here. I know this concept is a little difficult to get your head around but stick with it. The pay off is completely worth it. What you’ll need for today: 1 ) A … Continue reading

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ADSR or how I learned to love the transient

Before we dive further into the world of synthesis I’ve decided to spend this week writing a post on volume envelopes and try to breakdown the one of the fundamental building blocks of sound manipulation. The ADSR curve is a … Continue reading

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